About us

To bring zeal and zest in life travelling is one of the most important aspect. In India many people came across and put their efforts to make out India as better Tourist hub. Many people has taken initiative to promote Indian Tourism but recently this effort has converted into a mission with the effort of the most powerful person of nation, i.e our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi, who has initiated in 2014 just after his oath ceremony and step ahead to bring Indian Tourism in high demand in Global existence. Another few ordinary people with an extraordinary vission & positive intentions came under one roof and created a community named TripHind with a pledge to try to make it easy for people from all over the globe to travel, explore Indian culture & Indian beauty.


We as a travel counselor are liable to connect global entities with Indian Tourism. We as a travel entrepreneur are liable to spread Indian culture in Global platform and connect them with Indian attributes. We as a travel consultant are liable to take Indian Tourism on higher mark in the standard of international Tourism. We has TripHind pacers take pledge to put our 100% efforts in day and night to make India as a beautiful destination looks more beautiful and appealing in the league of international Tourism.

“We are TripHind pacers & we are proud of it”

TripHind was established in April-2016 with a Founder along with 6 founding members. We have marked enormous growth in opening year onwards and marked a consistent growth till starting month of 2020. Due to pandemic the numerous situation occurs in front of our industry which leads us to step back and wiped out the industry for the time being. The Zig-Zack situation in terms of opening and closing of the industries continuous to flow till last month. As we find it quite comfortable to restart the structure with the same potential, momentum, dignity and integrity. Now we have step out to offer our clients to book their package from “TripHind” and contribute in an Indian Tourism to grow more faster .

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